I was travelling in a train and suddently i came to know my mobile phone battery is very low and there was no charge facility near me. Then i came to know my samsung galaxy S7 has a very nice feature of Ultra power saving mode to increase battery timing. And battery timing extend up to 22h. But in Ultra Power Saving mode you can use limited Apps.

Lets Start, Follow these Simple Steps

1.Open Setting and then click on Device Maintenance.

Click on Device Maintenance

2.Then Click on Battery.

Click on Battery

3. You can see, there are 2 options MID and MAX you can select anyone to increase battery timing. in the Mid you can see more apps than MAX also you can use Data Network.

Tap on Mid or MAX

4. I have Clicked on MAX , then click on Apply

Tap on Apply

All done , you will see a black screen with limited number of Apps.


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