shutterstock is a marketplace where designers and photographers upload premium images and end users buy these images to use in their different projects. But some users cant buy expensive images today i will let you know how you can find shutter stock images free on the web.

Lets start

1.Open 2 browser windows not Tab. in one window open shutterstock and in second window open google images.

Oepn two windows on the browser.

2. Now Search Image you want to download on the shutterstock and click on that image.

3. Now drag and drop that image on right window. Google image search will use Artifical Intelligent technology to find this image on all over the webl. it will show list of websites using this image.

4. Lists of website using this image we will download from one of this website.

list of websites using shutterstock image

5. I have opened one website from list of all websites showing. then find that image on the website

6. Now right click on that image and go to inspect element.

Right on the image and go to inpect Element.

7. The Copy this link and open new Tab you will see high quality image.

Copy link of image link from image tag.

Here we go !.

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