Localbitcoins is the best place to buy bitcoins in pakistan. I am using localbitcoins from last couple of years and got awesome experience. The Best part of this website is you can buy bitcoins in your local currency like Rupees, it has a lot of different methods to pay via Bank ,Western union , Easy paisa , Jazz Cash etc  to buy or sell bitcoins .

How to buy bitcoins in pakistan :

  • First of all sign up here and give your username, email and password. You can verify your identity by upload your real CNIC (high quality) image. But don’t worry if you don’t want to verify your identity that’s okay this is required for the large transactions and some trader do trading only if you are verified. Now you are registered on the website.
  • Now click on Buy Bitcoins then you will see list of traders who are ready to sell bitcoins. Try to choose the that trader with 100% positive feedback and must have done 100+ trades.

  • Read the Terms and Condition Carefully if you are agree with the seller then enter the amount of Bitcoins you want to buy and give your contact message and press Trade button the seller will send you details of payment where you will send local currency and mark the payment as completed, after confirmation from the seller he/she will release bitcoins and you will see them in the wallet like in my case is 0.0127016 btc.

After sending trade Request to the seller you have limited time to send money to the seller usually 60mins, after 60min seller can send dispute to cancel the trade and it will be resolved in 24h – 48h.

How to sell bitcoins in pakistan

Selling bitcoins in not much different its similar to the buying bitcoins on localbitcoins. Click on Sell Bitcoins menu on Top, you will see list of traders ready to buy bitcoins from you.

I will choose the first trader becuase he is paying me highest amount and he has 100% positive reviews and 500+ trades.

Lets do a real selling now i have clicked on sell button and i have put the amount of bitcoins i want to sell. and in the message i gave him my bank details where i want to receive in local curreny.

i cant show my other details you have to put bank name, title of the account , bank account no and amount, you want to receive.

I will wait for his message , he replied and said i am sending the amount. When the amount is confirmed i will release the bitcoin.

as you can see in the screen shoot i can dispute this trade after 60mins. if the seller does not send my amount within 60mins to the bank i have provided, i will dispute and get my bitcoins back. so simple!

Fianlly he sent the amount and i am gonna release bitcoins.

So guys trade is ended now. give the buyer positive review if you received your amount.

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