The new kind of Apps Floating over the internet nowadays is Dapps which is the most interesting Apps and it will be a future soon, you see will Dapps everywhere soon, We will see why this is really a future and what are the advantages of Dapps over Centralized Apps, and how dapps works.

What are Centralized Apps?

In Centralized Apps, users are connected with a central party. And this Central party is controlling everything. For example, you are connected with the facebook server, All communication went through the Facebook server and connecting users with each other. You are in control of the Facebook server, and they are implementing their policies on you.

Centralized Network
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What are Dapps

Dapps stands for Decentralized Application, it runs on distributed Peer to Peer network. These are not owned by anyone and can not be shutdown and has zero downtime.

The invention of bitcoins gives birth to new technology is called blockchain, which is more secure than any other network and control is in people’s hands.

Dapps underline technology is blockchain. This new world is about making everything as decentralized just like bitcoins.

What are Dapps and how it works
What are Dapp’s, image source :

What makes a Dapp?

What are Dapps
What are Dapps

Every Apps is not a Dapps, If the Apps falls under these funationality below

  • Open Source: The Code must be open source to the public, anyone can download and improve it because the control must be in people’s hand, there should be no central party controlling it.
  • Decentralized Blockchain: it must run on the public blockchain, anyone would be able to see his transactions and verify it.
  • Cryptographically secure: It should be cryptographically secure, there must be some hashing algorithm to encrypt the transactions.
  • Protocol: Secure protocol should be implemented, like Proof of work or proof of stack.

Advantages of Dapps Over Centralized Apps

The Decentralized nature of DApps provides some Advantages over Centralized Apps.

  • Data Reliability: The most important thing on the internet is security, Everybody wants to keep his information 100% secure, No can hack it, and it is secured due to blockchain technology underlying it.
  • Faster Data Transfering: Computer in the decentralized App are distributed over the internet, more the peers more the transfer rate, because it will find the nearest computer to download.
  • Zero Downtime: If any computer is somehow hacked in the network then remaining computers in the distributed network will secure it and performing its function, so it has zero downtime.
  • Impossible to Hack: Due to decentralized nature it is nearly impossible to hack the whole network unless you need more power than the entire network. The nodes in the decentralized network will help to make the network secure and reliable.

Disadvantages of Dapps

Everthing has advantages and disadvantages Dapps also some disadvantges.

  • Irreversible transactions: Due to underlying blockchain technology, the transactions are irreversible. if you mistakenly made a transaction can never be reversed just like sending of bitcoins.
  • No Control over abusive behavior: For example, if we make twitter decentralized, anyone can post anything, there is no central party who is monitoring abusive behavior or human violation and delete that post.
  • Fixing Bugs: Fixing bugs in DApps is very difficult, as every node has to update it in the nework.

Applications of Dapps

Online Voting system:

The Current Voting system can be shifted to Dapps because everyone wants their vote should be secure and transparent. Dapps has the power to make it secure and impossible to hack and no double spending.

Property record keeping:

The Property record can also be made secure with Dapp, because no one can hack and shift someone’s property to his name, and due to blockchain technology we also figure out how many names this property has been sold and who is the current owner.

There can be alot of Applications of Dapps where we need complete control of people.


i think it depends on the requirments we need Dapps for it or not, there are some areas we are stricted to centralized Apps or Dapps. But no doubt Dapps has more advantages than the centralized apps due to blockchain tenchonology.


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